I am a perpetually curious engineer…

…constantly intrigued by ingenious mechanisms and how they work.  I am always taking apart and putting back together devices – both working and broken – to observe their inner workings and gain an understanding of their function.  Usually (hopefully) I’m not left with any extra pieces after the fact.

I am currently living in Boston and researching next-gen continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment in pursuit of my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering under Professor Alexander Slocum’s Precision Engineering Research Group (PERG) at MIT.  In my free time (HA) I race with the MIT Triathlon Club and the MIT Cycling Club, and sail, ski, scuba dive and ice skate as the seasons permit.  I also enjoy frequent weekend escapes to mountainous locales to go camping and hiking after intense months in the lab.

My research and professional experiences lie in precision engineering and machine design, as well as iterative, deterministic prototype design cycles.  I am interested in applying these skills with industry R&D departments in a number of fields, including product design, biomedical device design, wearable and traditional robotics.  I perform best

I have been fascinated with designing and building since I was very young, and I honed these interests into skills while earning my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech.  Outside the traditional MechE curriculum, I performed research work for Professor Craig Forest with the GT Precision Biosystems Laboratory.  I worked as an Undergraduate Lab Instructor at the Georgia Tech Invention Studio, a completely run student machine shop and makerspace, where I maintained a safe environment for students to work in, as well as offered guidance and training on the use of prototyping equipment.